Although the 0.2 release is around the corner, I thought it might still be usefull to list some caveats of the 0.1 blazor release to get you up and running more quickly with this awesome technology.

adding/copying files

Adding or copying files in your project adds entries in your .csproj file that need to be removed.

Changing the index.html

Changes might not be reflected right away. Delete your bin and obj folders clean and rebuild should help.

Fetch extensions

The current HttpClient has limited functionality, for instance it doesn't feature sending a Auth bearer. I've make an extension library for that here: BlazorExtensions also on nuget.

Code changes not reflected

Sometimes code changes seem not be effective because of browser caching. I've had the best results with Chrome and every now and then open up F12 and set the 'Disable cache' option and hit ctrl-F5

Binding to nullable int

This just not work yet and throws an exception. See this github issue

Pasting code in cshtml

Seems to freeze up the whole editor for about 10 seconds. This is a Visual Studio bug which should be addressed in the next release. In the meantime use this workaround: Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Html -> Advanced "Format on Paste" set to "False"