I own an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, and I love it. It is the same fun as the Yamaha R1 that I owned previously.

One thing I don't like about it the location of the license plate.. it is sitting way too low. I guess this is regulatory, so I forgive them.


You can buy off the shelve adjusted holders but I don't want to spend 100,- on that. So I tried to modify the existing one.

Start of with removing the covers, as you can see the holder is bolted down with three hex bolts just behind the taillight:


The holder comes in two pieces:


I decided to just cut off a part of the piece that is bolted to the frame:


Made a bracket for that, this allows me to change the desired angle, and the bolts go in the top (not drilled yet in the photo):


There it is back on the bike, hard to tell from the photo's, but believe me, it's much better now: