So, I'm running a three node MicroK8s cluster and I am migrating my containers running on my Synology to it. I am already running my github runners on there.

I didn't notice at first, but the gauges and charts in Lens did not work and now that I'm running containers on my cluster I want to see what is happening. Luckily this is very very easy. You just have to enable it in MicroK8s with:

sudo microk8s enable prometheus

After a minute or so you start seeing gauges work, but there is a caveat:

as you can see, also a bunch of errors/warnings start to appear. Ranging from "Error creating pods" to "invalid capacity 0 on image filesystem".

I immediately started googling on how to solve these.. but the trick here is to just wait... in my case for about an hour.. and the warnings went away..

Guess this is sort of by-design.. a timing issue or something..

Hope this helps.