So, I own a MIG welding machine (a Cebora) for a few years now and a few months ago I decided I also need a TIG machine.

Finding an affordable one was quite a task because I wanted an AC/DC and no Chinese crap. It needed to be an AC machine because I want to weld aluminum.

So the first thing I tried was an aluminum weld.. Took some tinkering with the balance because it acted just opposite like it supposed to, but ended up with this for my first weld:

Alu weld

Not bad for a beginner I say.

So yesterday I wanted to weld some stainless steel, checked a chart for the right amps, and tried.. and tried.. and tried.. and tried..
I totally messed up EVERYTHING.. it would not work.. the arc was all over the place.. blasted through.. crap.. not anything I saw in demo's.
Tinkered with the amps, tungsten length, distance, grind angle, gas feed, HF start, everything.. nothing helped.

Decided to let it rest and watch some more youtube instructions..
And there it was.. in a TIG 101 instruction video, TIG welding is with a negative rod.. So you should connect the grounding cable to the + !! not very intuitive but changed everything ! now it works like expected.. because aluminum is welded with AC I did not noticed this before (except the inverted behavior of the balance)

Up to the next project.

Note to self: connect grounding cable to + on TIG welder.