hmm.. mogelijk zijn mijn WB-LYP161AHA cellen nog te redden.. hier een instructie van de leverancier:

FAQ: What to do with a swelling cell?

First: Analyze the reason for the swelling. Is the battery used properly? Is the BMS working correctly? Note: Do not use the cell any longer, if the cell has become swollen.

Second: Remove the cell, unscrew the safety valve to allow the internal pressure to be released. (Be careful not to spil the electrolyte from the cell).

Third: Put the cell under the pressure to renew its original shape. You may need to increase the pressure gradually as the cell returns to its correct shape. Please allow for many hours or even days to pass to renew the shape.

**Fourth: **Charge the battery correctly and check its parameters: What is the voltage? What is the capacity? Perform several cycles to get consistent results and to see if the cell can be used again.

Finally: Avoid the same situation to happen again. Remember there is no way to repair a cell that was damaged by improper use.

Hihi. Zo dus:


Denk dat deze niet meer te redden is (is niet van mij hoor):

FAQ: The Cell and Battery SwellingIt is necessary to observe the recommendations of the manufacturer concerning the initial charging of the cells.  (See the instruction here). If the cells are initially charged too fast or overcharged, the internal structure of the cells may be damaged and the cell may start swelling.  That is why it is important to charge the cells individually during the initial charge and to monitor the cells to avoid the permanent change of the shape of the cells.