So, it is ordered, my first EV daily driver (a Tesla Model 3). And I'm prepping for it. I want to be able to charge it at home if I need to, so I started altering my electrical installation for that.

This is the before picture:


As you can see, this installation is already 3 phase 400V (3x25A). I had to upgrade to that for my car lift in the garage earlier.
It already has a lot of groups, but not enough space for what I have planned:

  • a 3-phase 63A RCD circuit breaker
  • a 3-phase B16A circuit breaker
  • a 3-phase MID kWh meter
  • a 3-phase 63A relay

With the sizes of that 3-phase stuff, this will only fit in a new enclosure. So I made room for a new enclosure, and now it looks like this:


And it is not done yet.. an update will follow in a next post.