I wanted to see if I could use the RAMPS board to drive my big-ass stepper motors via my lead shine drivers.

So I ordered this cheap-ass ATmeaga2560:


With a (also cheap) Ramps 1.5 board:


As a display I ordered this:


When trying to put it together I found out that I needed a some sort of adaptor for the display, this one:


Downloaded Marlin 1.1.9 and opened it up in the Arduino IDE.
Fitted everything together and followed the instructions on the fysetc site. Flashed the firmware and nothing! Display lit up, but nothing to be seen.

Looked again, and then it hit me.. It is working, only the contrast setting is wrong, hard to see on the photo, but if you look closely you can see it:


Turns out the fysetc wiki had had an item on this on the far buttom of the page. Applied the fix and boom:


Looks like it is working!
Next up, try to connect my driver and motor...