This is a follow up on two earlier posts.. this and this one

So I ordered myself three of these cheap-ass silicon labs cp2102 usb-serial-ttl bridges from banggood

Took 17 days to get delivered, but I guess I can't complain for 6.99 euros including the shipping..

So I plugged one in my Windows 10 desktop first.. to be disappointed.. It did not load any drivers.. and was not functioning.. not very promising.


I'm told they should work on Windows 10 IoT core, so I tried it anyway.. plugged it in, opened the web-based device manager.. to be disappointed again:


No device.. rebooted and still nothing.

As I final measure I ssh-ed into the box and ran devcon.exe - status *


And there it is.. humming away.. (including typo in the driver status?!? Drievr ?) But still strange it doesn't show up in the device manager.

Next up is writing some code for it!