For my EV charging project (first post here), I will need a DIN case that will fit in my existing enclosure and will hold an Arduino, an Arduino shield, a LCD and a Solid State relay.

Since I own a Prusa i3 MK3 stared searching on thingiverse. Lots of stuff that comes close, but nothing perfect. So I took the next best thing (that was this) and started to altering that.

This forced me to learn Fusion 360, at first this was daunting.. I expected it to be easier.. but eventually I could do anything I needed to. And now I'm starting to appreciate Fusion 360, I think it will be my tool of choice for my future designs.

Still it took 'some' iterations to get it right:


Here it is being designed in Fusion 360:


And if you want to create your own, I posted it on thingiverse here