Azure AD graph client demo

The other day I was trying to get this demo to work: Azure AD graph API demo But having no success. The steps are very detailed, »

Welding RTFM

So, I own a MIG welding machine (a Cebora) for a few years now and a few months ago I decided I also need a TIG »

Building the frame

So now that the base is ready (see previous post) it's time to build the frame. Here is the frame how its supposed to become.. nothing »

CNC frame table top

So I needed to position this 80kg heavy aluminum plate exactly above my CNC machine frame. I had this engine balancing rig laying around and decided »

iPad works

Received the new digitizer today, and connected it: And it works... Saved me a lot of money.. I am gonna order another just to keep on »

CNC frame

So I decided I need a CNC machine. And not some toy machine, but a real one, with a serious size and cutting abilities. The first »