My plan is to build an OpenEVSE charger. I already prepped my cupboard for it, and made an Arduino housing to house it.

OpenEVSE started out as a simple opensource charger, but over time it became more and more complex. Too complex for my taste, they added lots of stuff that can be solved in other ways (GFI etc).

There used to be an Arduino version of it.. but it is not maintained anymore.. somebody here build one from scratch. I want to do the same.

Even before I can get started I ran into a problem. One perticular part seems not available anymore: the D107E, I cannot find that anywhere. So I tried to find the replacement part of the same manufacturer. There seems to exist one: the MD105D-12xx, but here I run into the same problem.. I cannot order it anywhere.

So I started searching for a part that should behave the same. I settled for the MeanWell DPU01L-12, available at Let's hope that will work..

My BOM ordered at mouser eventually was this:


Note: This list is not complete for building your own.. I have all the resistors in stock.